Red Oak Ambassadors

“As a proud member of the Red Oak Chamber and Industry Association Ambassadors, I am taking a leadership role in our community. I will commit myself to do my best by participating and supporting the activities of the Ambassadors. I will make a difference by setting an example to support Red Oak businesses and encourage others to do the same.”

Annual Activities

Ag Appreciation Dinner

Pony Express Riders’ Meal (Always held on Good Friday)

Hospital Appreciation Meal

Red Oak Junction Days Flight Breakfast

Montgomery County Fair Volunteer Meal

All School Staff Luncheon
Old Car Days (Root Beer Floats)

Red Oak Homecoming Parade

Trick or Treat on the Trail

Holiday Kickoff

Ambassador Christmas Party

Throughout the Year
Business After Hours
Ribbon Cuttings
Social Coffees

Who are the Red Oak Ambassadors?

An energetic group of business leaders whose purpose is to function as the public relations and goodwill arm of the Red Oak Chamber and Industry Association.

Who can be an Ambassador?

You must be a member of the Red Oak Chamber and Industry Association or an employee of a business who is a Chamber member.

What are the duties of an Ambassador?

Participation is the key responsibility of an Ambassador. The Ambassadors represent some of the most active Red Oak Chamber and Industry Association members.

On an individual basis, Ambassadors volunteer to work a variety of events throughout the year and are expected to attend at least 50% of the following activities:

  • Monthly Ambassador Meetings
  • Ribbon Cuttings as scheduled
  • Business Announcements/Celebrations as scheduled
We need Ambassadors at each event to make it successful.

What does it cost to be an Ambassador?

Yearly dues are currently set at $50, payable the first of each year.
A monthly luncheon meeting begins at 11:30 AM on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Each person is responsible to pay for his or her own lunch.

At each monthly meeting, the Tail Twister (an official role) will levy “fines”. These can be great fun! The fine money is donated to a community project.
You are required to purchase or borrow an official “Red” Ambassador jacket. The club will pay for half the cost of a new jacket if one is not available in your size. The jacket will be the property of the Ambassadors, whether borrowed or purchased, and must be returned to the Red Oak Chamber and Industry Association office if you leave the organization. The official emblem, supplied by the Ambassadors, will be worn as part of the official attire on the breast pocket of the jacket. You will be responsible for the charges if there are subsequent changes to your name badge.
You are also encouraged to purchase a red short-sleeved polo and/or a red button-up dress shirt to wear with or without your jacket for less formal occasions.
Ambassadors are asked to wear either an official Ambassador shirt or jacket when attending coffees, ribbon cuttings, and business announcements/celebrations.

Organization Structure

The Executive Board meets at Noon on the 2nd Thursday of the month and consists of:

  • President
  • President-Elect (Vice President)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Past-President

The current month’s Committee chair and upcoming month’s Committee chair will be invited to attend the Exec Committee meeting.

Election of officers for the following year is held in November. The new officers assume their duties January 1st.

ROCIA Communicator

The ROCIA Communicator is a weekly newsletter that’s sent out every Wednesday morning highlighting the various events and promotions throughout our community.