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JBI Distributors
Address: 608 N 2nd Street, Suite 100
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
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Beau Boeye, Director of Innovative Solutions
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Ron Von Dielingen, Director of Regional Sales
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Craig Steen, CEO
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JBI Distributors LLC is focused on the distribution of the revolutionary industry disinfectant and deodorizer solution, D7. In addition, we provide products and solutions that are complementary to the industry of protecting our food supply chain via biosecurity.

JBI Services is building products for the industry that drive efficiency, utilizing cutting edge technologies, all while providing solutions and services that benefit our customers. For example, our patent pending JBI Poultry Foaming Trailer and JBI Truck Foaming Wash Out solution.

Servicing D7 Solutions – Poultry Biosecurity Foaming Trailers, Transport Trucking Disinfectant and Trailer Wash Centers, Processing Facilities – Harvest, RTE and Packaging, Restaurants, Breweries, Grocers, Food Suppliers, Live Animal Producers