Address: 105 East Coolbaugh Street
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
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Stephanie Burke, Auditor
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The government offices of Montgomery County, Iowa provide a wide variety of services which include the Assessor, Auditor, Board of Supervisors, County Attorney, Conservation and Parks, District Court, Emergency Management, Engineer/Secondary Roads, Mental Health, Public Health, Recorder, Sheriff, Treasurer, and Veteran’s Affairs offices.

Montgomery County Development Corporation
Address: 307 East Reed Street
Red Oak, IA 51566
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Steve Adams
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Montgomery County Development Corporation (MCDC) is a 501(c) 4 not-for-profit corporation focused on providing community-based economic development leadership and programs focused on meeting economic and social needs of our communities, businesses, organizations and residents within the Montgomery County, Iowa area.

MCDC promotes the creation, retention and expansion of business and industry; supports talent development, attraction and engagement for retaining a skilled, prepared workforce; and enhances housing and overall quality of life for all citizens in Montgomery County and the surrounding regional area.
MCDC provides economic vitality throughout the county, focusing on key priorities supported by county-wide business and industry, educational and financial institutions, healthcare organizations, member investors and government partners. We strive to meet these needs by providing skilled workforce initiatives that support diverse job opportunities and increasing capital investment and growth of county-wide valuation—by focusing our efforts on talent development and workforce needs, housing development and rehabilitation, business recruitment, retention and expansion, small business and entrepreneurial development, downtown redevelopment, transportation, advanced fiber and technological infrastructure development, renewable and sustainable practices and programs, tourism and people attraction, mentoring and leadership development and engagement, and overall improved quality of life for all citizens in Montgomery County and our Southwest Iowa region.