Red Oak Chamber Bucks

Click here to print a list of businesses that accept Red Oak Chamber Bucks & Red Oak Cold Cash.

Red Oak Chamber Bucks

What are Red Oak Chamber Bucks?

  • Red Oak Bucks are the paper currency that can be purchased at the Red Oak Chamber Office in increments of $5, $10, or $20.
  • Red Oak Bucks are also referred to as Chamber Bucks.
  • Red Oak Bucks are NOT the same as COLD CASH, Cold Cash is only sold during the holiday season and valid for a limited time.
  • Red Oak Bucks can ONLY be spent at Red Oak Chamber Member Businesses.
  • Anyone can purchase Red Oak Bucks.
  • Red Oak Bucks are a perfect thank you, holiday, appreciation, special occasion, gift to a new home buyer, employee incentive, for a drawing or donation, random act of kindness gift, or just because!
  • Red Oak Bucks promote shopping and doing business local.
  • A list of Chamber Member Businesses is given out with each Red Oak Bucks purchase.

What do the new Red Oak Bucks look like?

  • On the next page is a sample of the front and back of a $5 Red Oak Buck. Red Oak Bucks also come in $10 and $20 increments.
  • Red Oak Bucks are about the same size as a check and have a bank routing number, account number, and a Red Oak Buck number across the bottom just like a check.
  • Red Oak Bucks are printed on special security paper that, if duplicated, the word “VOID” will appear on the copied Red Oak Buck. *see sample on next page.

As a Chamber Member, what do I do with Red Oak Bucks when a customer wants to spend them in my business? How do I train my employees/staff on how to accept Red Oak Bucks as payment from a customer:

  • Check to see if they are valid Red Oak Bucks
    • The Red Oak Buck(s) is ONLY valid with the signature of Elaine Carlson stamped on the Chamber Representative Signature line. If the signature is not there, the Red Oak Buck(s) are not valid.
    • On the front of the Red Oak Buck, there is a bank routing number, account number, and Red Oak Buck number across the bottom like a check.
  • The customer will need to sign on the back of the Red Oak Buck.
  • Also, on the back are “Instructions for Merchant”. That is you!
  • For reimbursement, endorse the back(s), as you would if you were to deposit a customer check. You will deposit them as a regular deposit with your bank. DO NOT process the Red Oak Bucks electronically at the time of a purchase.

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