ROCIA Weekly Communicator

What is the ROCIA Weekly Communicator?

The ROCIA Weekly Communicator is a public e-mail newsletter that’s sent out every Wednesday morning containing upcoming events, announcements, and promotions provided by our membership.

Who Receives the Communicator?

The ROCIA Weekly Communicator is available to both members and non-members. When you become a member of the Chamber we ask for any e-mail addresses you would like added to the newsletter. Family, friends, community members, co-workers, etc. can all sign-up for the Communicator by visiting the Chamber’s website and clicking on the “Sign-up for the Communicator” button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Otherwise, feel free to contact the Chamber via phone, e-mail, or Facebook Messenger and we can get you and others added ourselves.

How do I get items added to the Communicator?

Adding items to the Communicator is one of the many perks of being a member of the Red Oak Chamber and Industry Association. Your organization can either e-mail or drop off flyers, event details, promotions, etc. to be added to the Communicator. Items must be delivered prior to 4:00 PM on Tuesday afternoon. The Communicator is sent off to the public at 8:00 AM on Wednesday mornings.

Community Calendar + ROCIA Weekly Communicator

The Red Oak Chamber and Industry Association has made it a point to maintain a Community Calendar for the public. With that we’ve been able to create a nice synergy between the Community Calendar and the Communicator; the Communicator is able to automatically pull events from the Community Calendar, giving subscribers a weekly digest of upcoming events within the e-mail newsletter. Both of these assets are only as good as our membership makes it, so please provide our office with information about your events, promotions, etc. so others in the community can stay informed with what’s going on around town.

Here are two ways events can be added to the Community Calendar:

  1. You can add an event yourself by visiting the Chamber’s website. Hover over the menu option “Events” and then select the “Add a Community Event” option. Fill out the form and click submit. When an event is submitted it then goes through a moderation process before it’s officially added to the calendar.
  2. The other option is to either e-mail, or drop off, a copy of your flyer to the office (please e-mail [email protected] with your information). When we get a flyer we’ll add the details to the calendar for you, along with displaying a copy in our front window, and adding it to the Communicator.

Help us help you promote you!

If your business or organization is a member of the ROCIA, and you have some exciting news to share with the community, such as an impressive accolade, business anniversary, sales promotion, open house, etc. please share that information with our office so we can help you spread the word!

ROCIA Communicator

The ROCIA Communicator is a weekly newsletter that’s sent out every Wednesday morning highlighting the various events and promotions throughout our community.